Tyler and Mike from pinkbike.com in the PaintHouse

Tyler Main, one of the head honchos at pinkbike.com, gave me this D3 with the freedom to create whatever I wanted. I came up with the idea to make a circuit board type graphic using multiple layers and some cool color shifting paints and flakes. The whole design was done freehand using tape and circles I cut out on a plotter.

The top is made of completely translucent pigments over the raw carbon fiber finish.
The rest of the design consists of a dark metallic green base and many layers of transparent greens and chameleon green flake that shifts from gold to green and even blue in some lights.

Mike brought me the new Giro "all mountain" helmet. He wanted a sleek, simple, and dark design. I used black, gray mixtures, and blue flake to create the design.

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