COVE BIKES Spider-Man Custom Painted Helmet

After getting to know Cove Bikes' designer and engineer, Brian Kelly, we got to talking paint and turned out he had always wanted a Spider-Man themed helmet painted. I felt like I was the man for the job but I knew if I was going to recreate an iconic image like Spider-Man's suit I'd have to take it to the next level.
The suit has a distinctive brick-like pattern and at first I was thinking I could stretch a fabric over the helmet and then spray through that to get the pattern. But of course that would have been too simple and it quickly became clear that to get the desired effect I would have to hand lay each rectangle so that they would follow the contours of the helmet and the spider web lines, plus radiate from the center of the design. 1400+ individual rectangles later I had my pattern and the painting was taking shape.

For the black background I sprayed a blue metallic that disappears in low lighting and from different angles. To finish it I pinstriped the black webs and then painted the classic Cove logos on each side. I really like the two tone look of this helmet and the added detail really makes it something special up close.

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