Patrick Switzer Risch Aero Helmet 2010

Just finished polishing this brand new RISCH Aero Helmet and I must say it is very shiny and slippery smooth! Aside from its overwhelming shininess the paint job came out great too. Using a 3d stacking technique I created a monochromatic blue color scheme and even used blue metal flake in the paint and for the logos.

This side features the Orangatang Wheels logo in blue flake.

Good luck to Patrick Switzer on his 2010 race season. I also think the ultra smoothness should give him a distinctly lower drag coefficient over his competitors.

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  1. one of the coolest helmet paint jobs out there, its going to be hard to beat!!!! NICE WORK!!! check the Landyachtz eh-team video in january for some sick shots of it in action (www.landyachtz.com)