Yankees Tribute Bike Helmet

Trying to combine two sports as different as baseball and mountain biking into one design was a great challenge. Another challenge was replicating the nearly black, blue background color.
What's difficult to see in the pictures is that the dark blue is actually many, many transparent blue layers built up over a heavy metallic silver base. This not only gives a nice metallic look but gives slight color shifting properties to the blue itself, from lighter to darker hues of blue. Also, calculating the spacing on the pinstripes was a task unto itself.

While most of the design is very traditional and classy, I added some aggressive graphics to the top of the helmet. These were done in a special blue flake that goes transparent from certain angles which is why its hard to see in some pictures.

I finished the graphics with a subtle drop shadow over the stripes and then hand painted the red pinstripes around the helmet. I am very pleased with this final product and from what I hear so is the new owner.

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