Down Cycles Helmet

Good friend and former employer of mine, AJ Picarello, finally contacted me about getting a custom painted helmet for himself. AJ owns and operates an awesome bike shop out of Croton NY, Down Cycles. Down Cycles is not only the place to get bikes for the whole family and top notch mechanic service, but also top of the line custom bikes of all disciplines.

Down Cycles is also the connection for many obscure, small, and custom bike brands. I discovered Down Cycles when I was just a pup searching for a Spooky Metalhead, the original hardcore hardtail. I never did get the Spooky, but I did eventually purchase another dream bike of mine at the time, a Brooklyn Machine Works "Race Link".
Back to the paint. Inspired by one of AJ's favorite cartoons, I created a character for the top of the helmet. I used a beveled edge technique when painting the face and I carried that theme into the rest of the graphics. I finished the project by adding his name on the back and ghosted Down Cycles lettering as well.

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